A BMX-style 19" unicycle wheel is held up in front of an afternoon sky with puffy clouds at the Golden Gate Bridge

SF Bay Area Urban Unicycle Weekend

Come ride with other urban unicyclists at the 1st annual San Francisco Bay Area Urban Unicycle Weekend! The goal of this weekend is to bring together North American urban riders and get the stoke up for Unicon this summer. This will be a chill weekend exploring the great riding spots of SF.

Two men prepare to mount unicycles with large wheels (29" and 36"). Both are poised with one foot on the ground and one on their left pedal. They wear athletic gear designed for light rain; one is in blue, the other in yellow.

Ultimate Alleycat

Westside Joe's Bikes sponsored an event this month, the Ultimate Alleycat and Scavenger Hunt. It seemed like something that needed to be done on uni. Turned out to be a beautiful day for 78km of varied terrain, including some muddy trails that were fun to slide on the big wheels. No biffs!

A mountain unicyclist rides through an autumnal alpine landscape, with mostly bare aspens to the right, as the trail goes to the left towards a red rock desert with dramatic canyons and towers.

Most of the Enchilada

A group of us went on a quest to do The Whole Enchilada, and spent the last couple months training up for it. Unfortunately a storm came in and closed Burro Pass, the highest part of the ride at over 11k feet, but we were able to start at Hazard County which gets to about 9200'. It was a perfect desert day, and we got to experience the eclipse while we were up on the mountain.

Man on mountain unicycle, riding on elevated skinny log through redwood forest


It had been forever since we'd been to Soquel Demo Forest. Adrian was in town and Nick is now living in Santa Cruz, so we put together a quick group to go hit the longest continuous downhill trail in the Bay Area.

Woman riding mountain unicycle on steep red sandstone

Moab MUnifest 2022

Finally catching up on processing photos and stuff from our trip to Moab. Organized by our friend Noli, we had about 30 riders for three beautiful days in the desert. Locals included Adrian, Sarah, and Berkeley ex-pat Ashley. I haven't been to Moab since something like 2017 and it was great to be back.

Mountain unicyclist rolling towards a large boulder with a drop off the end

Rockin’ the Gala Ride

BTCEB had their annual Gala Ride at Rockville, and a crew of us went up to show the colors. It was a gorgeous day, and BTCEB had probably 70 riders, but as usual, we didn't actually see that many mountain bikers on the trails, because they don't like the same kind of trails we do.