Back to Napa

We had so much fun at MUni Weekend that we went up to do it again. It was a gorgeous autumnal two-sport day. We hit the rock gardens on Lower Skyline on the way up, Manzanita on the way down, and then did most of the disc golf course as the sun started down. It was fun and relatively uneventful; we’d have to stretch to come up with a Best Biff, and at disc golf we had just one disk hunt. Glad to get out there before the rains come, not that the rains will stop us from doing MUni.

Josh playing in the rock garden

Autumnal MUni

Descending through the leaves

Final MUni Weekend pre-ride

We went up to Annadel for our last scouting ride for California MUni Weekend (next weekend! Registration $10 in advance, $20 on site, get signed up now!). Finding: It rocks! And it has rocks, tons of them, all the way up, all the way along the ridge, and all the way down. Should be a really fun ride and a great way to end the weekend (well, not counting the pool party afterwards).

I won Best Biff trying to get up and over a boulder (chest-plant), though Josh tried to beat me by Supermanning over the last rock on the trail.

It should be a great weekend; hope y’all can make it, and thanks to Chris and Josh for helping scout.

Chris in the rocks

Josh dancing

Josh one-footing the skinny

Chris is not impressed

Josh in the wash

Full set of pics

Pacifica MUni

I’m finally caught up on photos, this set from our trip to Pacifica with Chris a few weeks ago. Gnarly trails, lots of biffs into the walls, no serious injuries this time. Things were fogged in (it’s Pacific) so we didn’t get much of a view from the top.

Bevan doing the big drop

Kevin on the drop

Stefan in the fog

Full set of pics

Stefan also provided some pics and video:

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Two of us (Jimbo and Tom) represented Berkeley at the UniNationals in Pittsburgh. There were interesting and challenging courses in the road and MUni categories, and both of us did well in the Old Guys age group and the events we competed in (Tom won Old Guy MUni Uphill). Jimbo put together a basketball team which won the national championship. Some folks who’ve been visitors here (like Scott Wilton and Tomas Nemecek) did really well in overall placements.

It was a fun event with a lot of time spent outside (which is always better, right?)


Track day

MUniCross race

Full set of pics

Selected good ones


Ricardo’s birthday ride

Catching up on photos and posts:

Ricardo invited us all to Joaquin Miller for his birthday party. It was a relatively mellow ride, with hikers along. Ricardo did clean Chaparral, including the diving board, before his 40th. Like I always say about my own riding, he’s trying to become better than he is before he’s not as good as he used to be.

Ricardo's birthday ride

Ricardo's birthday ride

Ricardo's birthday picnic

Full set of pics

Pacifica MUni

Ricardo suggested a trip to Pacifica for some MUni, so we headed over to Montara Mountain on a gorgeous, chilly, count-the-seals-on-the-Farallons day. The big climb got us warmed up, and then we did a bit of crazy stuff on Crack, the nuttiest trail up there (or anywhere in the Bay Area, far as I know), then spent a lot of time on The Mile, also a fairly nutty trail. Lots of biffs (especially from Ricardo who had Best Biff and a number of runners-up), but some cool runs and no serious injuries.

We’ll be back!

Along the ridge

The Mile

The Mile

The Mile

Full set of pics