Kinetic Grand Championship day 3

Day 3 starts with another water entry, this time directly off the beach and across the mouth of the Eel River.  It’s actually one of my favorite parts of the race; I saw several harbor seals out in the water, and on the other end you get to pilot up a narrow slough to the sound of twittering birds.  Once again, being in a water craft helped me immensely; the sand bar was pretty high, which led to many sculptures, and the Humboldt County search and rescue boat getting stuck.  They wound up closing the water crossing and sending people on roads across Fernbridge; only four sculptures made it across the water.  I was first out by at least half an hour.

After the transition back to roads, it was an easy ride to the fairgrounds, where we took some off-clock time for a snack and a bit of pageantry practice.  A quick roll into downtown Ferndale to the glorious finish and we were done.  We got to take a closer look at the rest of the sculptures; I hadn’t had time to take many pictures while we were out on the course.  Really great art this year, I thought.

For the glory!

Picnic Basket at Crab Park

Visualize Whirled Peas

Lost Coast Fire Department

Full set of pics

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