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Man on mountain unicycle, riding on elevated skinny log through redwood forest


It had been forever since we'd been to Soquel Demo Forest. Adrian was in town and Nick is now living in Santa Cruz, so we put together a quick group to go hit the longest continuous downhill trail in the Bay Area.

Woman riding mountain unicycle on steep red sandstone

Moab MUnifest 2022

Finally catching up on processing photos and stuff from our trip to Moab. Organized by our friend Noli, we had about 30 riders for three beautiful days in the desert. Locals included Adrian, Sarah, and Berkeley ex-pat Ashley. I haven't been to Moab since something like 2017 and it was great to be back.

Mountain unicyclist rolling towards a large boulder with a drop off the end

Rockin’ the Gala Ride

BTCEB had their annual Gala Ride at Rockville, and a crew of us went up to show the colors. It was a gorgeous day, and BTCEB had probably 70 riders, but as usual, we didn't actually see that many mountain bikers on the trails, because they don't like the same kind of trails we do.

Mountain unicyclist cresting a small bump in a dirt pump track

Family MUni in Joaquin Miller

I'll take any excuse to ride MUni. Last week it was an easy ride on the Oakland Pump Track and the Big Trees loop in Joaquin Miller, with Kostya, Campbell, Ricardo and me on uni, Vicente, Jeronimo, and Nikolay on bike, and Maria on foot. A good time was had by all.

Standing woman talking with man holding unicycle on basketball court at night

Tuesday night flat and hoops meetup

Trials and Urban national champion Sarah Smith is now organizing a flatland and street meetup before and during our weekly basketball game, Tuesdays at 7:00 PM at San Pablo Park in Berkeley. (Basketball still starts at 7:30). It makes Tuesday night an even better time to come learn to unicycle or work on some new tricks.

Thankful for dirt

On Thanksgiving I was grateful to be back on the trails with Campbell, one of my rescuers from back in July. My first real MUni ride since then, and I was glad to feel physically pretty good, and my MUnitude rose from zero to...non-zero. Hope you all had a good holiday.

Learn to ride at One Wheel Wednesdays

Jimbo is now running a weekly learn-to-ride series in partnership with Rich City Rides, a wonderful community organization up in Richmond. Sign up to participate in One Wheel Wednesdays up at Unity Park on the Richmond Greenway.

Mountain unicyclist on rocky trail ducking under an overhanging tree limb

It was a good roll

We had a beautiful day for riding up at Rockville. Spent way too much time sessioning Manzanita Trail (as always), had fun on Upper Tilley, and then headed over to the quarry to play around before heading home. I was wearing my California MUni Weekend t-shirt from 2003, which was probably the first time I’d ridden Rockville. And in all that time I’d never taken a serious injury on the uni. It was a good roll, but my luck ran out.

Choose Your Own Adventure MUni at China Camp

Dragon, Chris and I went over to China Camp for what's usually mostly a fitness ride. But we went all the way up to the missile platforms, where Dragon won Best Biff (he'd already won First Blood) but also nailed a really gnarly chute (with spectators!) Then for various reasons we all wound up taking different routes down.

California MUni Weekend training series

California MUni Weekend is up in Bishop this year (September 17-20) and it includes a climb to White Mountain Peak (14,252') so it's time to get training. I'll be running a training series with rides every weekend until then.