Moab plans

Planning is proceeding on our perennial pilgrimage to Moab, Utah.  There will not be an official event this year, but that won’t stop us from putting something together.  Moab is an incredible place, with outstanding MUni for riders of all levels, and amazing vistas.  It’s right by Arches and Canyonlands National Parks for those who might not want to ride all weekend; I’ll be planning rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

So far I have commitments from very experienced riders and from relative beginners, so there should be riding companions for anyone who decides to come.

I’ll be arranging to share a rental car (or cars) from Salt Lake City, and rent one or more condos in town.  Generally the rent on the condos will average out to something like $40/person/night, but it’ll depend on how many people we get, etc.

There are also cheap-ass lodging options available in town; there’s a hostel at $9/night, and campgrounds in and outside of town for about the same.

I’m flying into Salt Lake City mid-day on Thursday, March 24, and flying out on Monday evening, March 28.  Anyone who wants to match that schedule is welcome to share in a rental car or van.  Flights from Oakland are running between $200-$300 right now.  It’s about a four hour drive from Salt Lake.

Grand Junction, Colorado is a shorter drive (about 2 hours), but there are no direct flights from here and it tends to be pricier.

Whether or not you can manage the trip, you can join in on our Moab training ride series; see our calendar for dates and times.

Photos from previous trips:

Mountain unicycling, Bartlett Wash slickrock, Moab, Utah

Mike Tierney, Slickrock Trail, Moab, Utah

Kevin climbing on Sovereign Trail, Moab, Utah

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