Auburn criterium and MUni ride

A group of us went up to Auburn last weekend to participate in the Downtown Auburn Criterium bike race.  We wound up with 12 uni riders, doing three laps on a course that was a little over 1 mile long.  There was a significant hill and sketchy descent that made it fun.  The results were about as expected: Corbin, Stephen, Tom, Bill Purcell, and Nathan were the top 5.

We got top billing in the local paper.

Official results (they call us “High Wheelers” for some reason)

After the race, we went up to the Foresthill Divide trail, which was 10 miles of sweet, smooth, narrow singletrack with some good climbs and descents.  Outstanding big wheel riding.  We were pretty tired afterwards.

Corbin, Nathan and Stephen on Foresthill

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