More MUni

We had two great MUni rides this weekend, in Joaquin Miller and Dimond Canyon, with special guest Chris “Totally Doable” Labonte. Some of us will be joining Chris down in Phoenix this weekend for Arizona MUni Weekend. I’m leaving on Thursday night and coming back on Monday, so someone else will have to organize a ride this weekend.

I’m deep in planning for Moab, where it looks like we’re going to reach double-digits in terms of number of riders.  I’ll be looking to make condo reservations soon, so if you’re planning to come, please get me some commitments this week.  We’re near full on one condo, so I may be looking to rent two.

Photos from this weekend:

Chris on the high skinny

Chris playing on the skinnies

Stephen on the stairs

Full photo sets:

Joaquin Miller

Dimond Canyon

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