Moab plans

Now that Arizona is done, it’s time to start planning for Moab in earnest (March 24-28).  It looks like it’s going to be a big crew; we have 11 confirmed riders, and I expect at least 5 more to commit in the next week or so, and possibly as many as 10.  There’s a big range of rider skill, so everyone should have someone to ride with.  It’ll be a party!

Ashley descending from Moab Rim

Training will be happening every weekend until we go; that’s just four weekends! All the rides are on our calendar; the basic idea is:

  • Sunday, February 27: Relatively easy fitness ride
  • Sunday, March 6: Technical ride with distance
  • Saturday, March 12: Rockville Hills, highly technical
  • Saturday, March 19: Long distance fitness ride, low injury risk

Whatever your riding skill level, Moab will challenge your fitness; it’s physically difficult riding, at altitude, in the desert.  If you are planning to go, you should plan to train for it.

If you’re interested in joining in on the two condos I’m renting, let me know soon so we can finalize numbers.  Cost will be something like $30-$40 per person per night.  Also let me know if you want to join in on a rental car from/to Salt Lake City airport; right now we have four commitments on that, and we’ll be deciding whether to try to fit everyone into one van, or rent two cars instead.

See you out there!

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