Skeggs Point MUni

We had a nice-sized ride, 8 riders plus Grace walking along, as we explored Skeggs Point, where none of us had ridden since 2001.  MUni has changed a lot since then.  The park is great for a workout (with a finishing climb that rivals Soquel Demo Forest’s beginning climb), but if I go back it’ll probably be on 29er; there isn’t that much technical stuff.  Some of the singletrack was tight and fun, and there were a few rock and root obstacles, but a lot of smooth trail, too.  It was a beautiful day for a ride, and the park is really nice, with streams flowing through the redwoods.

Full set of pics

Ashley at Skeggs Point

Nick on the "skinny"

Ben and Beau at Skeggs Point

Beau recreating his creek leap

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