Trail work and MUni this weekend

BTCEB is hosting another trail work day in Joaquin Miller this Saturday starting at 9:30.  They’ll be working on Sequoia Bayview and Big Trees trails, two of our favorites (and featured on last week’s ride).  I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it, but I encourage anyone who uses the trails to think about volunteering occasionally.  I did some work last month on Cinderella and it was fun.  Generally it runs about half a day, but you can leave whenever you want, they’ll appreciate whatever hands are around.

Then Sunday 1/30, meet at my place at 9:30 for an intermediate MUni ride up in Joaquin Miller.  We’ll probably be looking at two loops, including Cinderella somewhere in there.  And maybe we’ll shuttle it, depending on the number of drivers.

Next week, Saturday 2/5: MUni in China Camp.

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