Family MUni

I'm planning to start up a regular "Family MUni" series: an occasional ride designed for kids and newer riders, paced so that parents or friends can hike along, and less strenuous and technical than our normal rides.


DAvid couldn't make Sunday's ride, but a bunch of us have flexible schedules these days, so we put together a Berkeley ride on Wednesday. It was good MUni weather, a little windy when we started out but once it calmed down it was beautiful. We climbed all the way up to get the views, and had a bunch of fun playing on the obstacles on the way down, with DAvid pushing us (well, at least Josh and Kevin) to try some really big stuff. 

They don’t grow on trees, you know

Ostensibly inspired by a visit from our friend DAvid (turned out he couldn't make this ride), we headed down to Soquel Demo for a celebration of Braille Trail. We had a good crew, with Bevan pushing Chris and the rest of us to do more trials, and an appearance by Ricardo (it's been too long!)

Exploring Skeggs

Exploring Skeggs

We’d heard a rumor (from Chris) that there were some good loops in El Corte de Madeira (Skeggs Point) on the Peninsula. The verdict on Skeggs is that there is some really fun technical stuff, and a lot of smooth singletrack.

Braking it in

I've been working on adding a brake to my 24" (Pittsburgh), and Dragon and I took it out on its first big Joaquin Miller ride. It's not totally dialed in but it's definitely promising.

Epic ride, eh?

Several of our locals (Jim, Nathan, and Ned) participated in the epic Kluane Chilkat race in northern Canada and Alaska, a 150-mile, one-day cycling event, which they planned to do as a relay group of four. They turned out to be the only ones to finish the race.