Two-sport day in Joaquin Miller

Sunday was John Muir’s birthday, so it seemed like a perfect day to go up to Joaquin Miller Park. Muir and Miller were friends, founding members of the California Writers Club, fellow bohemians and environmentalists. Muir almost certainly spent time visiting Miller in the area now known as Joaquin Miller Park, where Miller planted thousands of trees to combat the deforestation which had occurred during the 19th century.

I think both Muir and Miller would have approved of MUni (despite the reactionary Sierra Club position on cycling in the woods). They would have advocated for non-destructive ways for people to connect with the beauty of nature.

Speaking of connecting with nature, Ricardo connected pretty impressively with the dirt when he won Best Biff trying a tricky rock drop. But he also cleaned Chaparral for the first time, and we all had a good time on a beautiful spring day in the hills.

Josh got a portable disc golf basket for his birthday, so we had our first-ever round of Joaquin Miller disc golf. It was fun inventing holes, and the redwood area is relatively brush-free so we didn’t spend a lot of time searching for discs. Definitely a winner for a quick two-sport day (three if you count a 4-hour game of Ora et Labora).

Ricardo demonstrating a new dismount technique

Ricardo on the diving board

Joaquin Miller MUni

Joaquin Miller disc golf

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Inaugural Tom’s Rob-ish Ride

This weekend we had a rare treat, as Rob himself came to ride with us in lieu of doing the usual Sunday Rob’s Ride.  The special occasion was the inauguration of Tom’s Rob-ish Ride, a mixed road and dirt ride inspired by Rob’s long-standing tradition.  Rob brought up a crew from Santa Cruz, and we threw in a whole bunch of locals to make it 12 people and 14 wheels.  He declared it to be “awesome,” thereby qualifying it for use of the Rob’s Ride name (per Rob’s publicist, Ken).  I may make a few tweaks based on feedback from the first ride, but it turned out to be really enjoyable, except for when George took a bad fall and went to the emergency room for stitches in his knee–not that that stopped him from finishing the ride!

So the East Bay now has its own named 20ish-mile mixed road and dirt route for big wheels.  Let me know if you’re interested in another go at it!

Group shot in Joaquin Miller

Ricardo enjoying Big Trees

Ashley on Sequoia Bayview

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Three uni-sport weekend

We had distance unicycling on Saturday (part of Tom’s Rob-ish Ride; come for the inaugural ride on Sunday, May 13), and then basketball (at Mosswood Park) and MUni (in Joaquin Miller) on Sunday.  I only got pictures of the last one, but that counts as a good weekend.  Now we just need to figure out how to get a disc golf course into Joaquin Miller.

Mike is representing in his Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival T-shirt: save the date for this year’s festival, August 15-17 at Berkeley High.  It’ll be the biggest uni event on the west coast this year.

Mike on Chaparral

Kevin on Big Trees

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Back to Joaquin Miller

Last time we were up in Joaquin Miller it rained for four hours straight.  This time it was sunny and hot.  No matter, life’s always good in Joaquin Miller!  Riding or hiking; Ricardo’s wife and mom were along with us, and a good time was had by all.  We did a lot of playing around on the logs, which have dried out enough to be rideable (though that didn’t stop Ricardo from earning Best Biff on one).

Ricardo on the skinny

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“Beginner’s” MUni in Joaquin Miller

We had another ostensibly beginner’s ride in Joaquin Miller on Sunday, although the folks who showed up weren’t really beginners, so we wound up doing three hours of fairly strenuous MUni.  Ricardo has an unnatural advantage in Best Biff competitions since he’s riding a 36″ wheel; he managed to whack his shin more than once.  It was wet from this week’s rain, but beautiful as usual.

Lance on the side option

T-Bone on Big Trees

Ricardo doing Coker MUni trials

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Joaquin Miller MUni

We had a “beginner’s” ride up in Joaquin Miller as part of our training series.  Marc isn’t exactly a beginner, but it’s been a while since he’s been out.  Ricardo hasn’t done much MUni, and he brought along his 36″ for extra excitement.  Everyone did great on a typically pleasant day in the park.

Gnarly ride next Saturday, followed by another beginner’s ride on Sunday.

Ricardo on Big Trees

Ricardo on Cinderella

Marc finishing Cinderella

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Castle Park

Josh today became the second person (after me) to clean the entirety of Castle Park Trail from top to bottom.  Castle Park is not as fun as Chaparral, which is why we don’t ride it very often, but the beginning and end are harder than anything on Chaparral (or anything that’s legal in Joaquin Miller).

I linked most of it today, but at the very end had a personal record unicycle cliffside retrieval, after my uni ghost-rode itself across the pathway and into the trees.

We walked back up on Cinderella, hit a couple of the jumps, and climbed some stuff that I don’t think has been climbed before on uni.

Personal record cliffside retreival

Josh jumping on Cinderella