Two-sport day in Joaquin Miller

Sunday was John Muir’s birthday, so it seemed like a perfect day to go up to Joaquin Miller Park. Muir and Miller were friends, founding members of the California Writers Club, fellow bohemians and environmentalists. Muir almost certainly spent time visiting Miller in the area now known as Joaquin Miller Park, where Miller planted thousands of trees to combat the deforestation which had occurred during the 19th century.

I think both Muir and Miller would have approved of MUni (despite the reactionary Sierra Club position on cycling in the woods). They would have advocated for non-destructive ways for people to connect with the beauty of nature.

Speaking of connecting with nature, Ricardo connected pretty impressively with the dirt when he won Best Biff trying a tricky rock drop. But he also cleaned Chaparral for the first time, and we all had a good time on a beautiful spring day in the hills.

Josh got a portable disc golf basket for his birthday, so we had our first-ever round of Joaquin Miller disc golf. It was fun inventing holes, and the redwood area is relatively brush-free so we didn’t spend a lot of time searching for discs. Definitely a winner for a quick two-sport day (three if you count a 4-hour game of Ora et Labora).

Ricardo demonstrating a new dismount technique

Ricardo on the diving board

Joaquin Miller MUni

Full set of pics

6 thoughts on “Two-sport day in Joaquin Miller”

  1. ricardoquesada

    It was a great day. My neck, legs and hip are still hurting today. Probably I took too seriously the “earth day” thing… I “kissed the earth” too many times yesterday.

    Regarding Chaparral, I was close to clean it, but I didn’t clean it since I failed in the diving board. And IMHO the diving board should be part of the “official chaparral”.

    If you do everything except the diving board, perhaps you could say something like:
    – “Have you cleaned Chaparral ?”
    – “Well, I cleaned the casual version of Chaparral 😛 ”

    Casual version: Everything but the diving board
    Official version: The whole Chaparral, including the diving board.

    What do you think ?

    1. I think if you skipped the diving board and just did the last tiny drop, it would count as cleaning Chaparral; the diving board is a bonus option.

      But that just means you need to go back for it next time. You were solid on the rest of it.

      1. ha. Ok.
        So next time, if I get to the bottom without falling, I will do the last tiny drop, and then ride up until the diving board and try to do it. If I fail in the diving board, at least I would have cleaned Chaparral.

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