MUni Weekend scouting expedition

Ricardo and I (along with Nancy and Rich hiking) went up to scout the main venue for California MUni Weekend (October 11-13, be there!). We’ve ridden at Napa Skyline Park a few times, but we still have a lot to explore. On this trip we discovered that:

  • Buckeye is a nice, challenging climb which would be a fun downhill for intermediate riders
  • Lower Skyline is not quite as technical as Upper Skyline, but has one really tough rock garden section and the whole thing looks good
  • Manzanita Trail is really, really fun

We’re putting a climb on Buckeye and a climb/descent on Manzanita on the route for CMW.

After Ricardo won Best Biff again, we learned a new dance where you alternately grab all of the injuries you’ve had over the past month (side, butt, hip, shoulder). Hey, Macarena!

Ricardo on Upper Skyline

Ricardo on Manzanita

Ricardo on Manzanita

Full set of pics



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3 Responses to MUni Weekend scouting expedition

  1. ricardoquesada says:

    It was a great ride. Manzita trail is in my top-5 bay area trails. Good downhill and uphill challenges.

    Regarding the uni-macarena dance… ha ha 🙂

    Here are the photos that I took:

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