UNICON recap

A little tardy, here’s a recap of some of the fun the locals had at UNICON 17 in Montreal:

  • Our two local world championships were Adam’s wins in the 3-point and free throw shooting contests.
  • The Berkeley Revolution was third after the first round of the tournament, but lost in the second round, finishing fifth overall. Two locals, Lance and Tristan, played for the SLO Ballerz team which finished third.
  • Nathan Hoover finished first in his age group in the marathon, and second in the 10K.
  • Tom finished second in his age group in the MUni uphill.
  • Ricardo won Best Biff in one of the Mont Tremblant mud puddles.

The results of the most critical competitions (disc golf and beer pong) aren’t listed on the UNICON web site; suffice it to say that fun was had by all.

See you in San Sebastian in 2016!

Uni basketball free throw shooting contest

Marathon race

MUni practice day at Mont Tremblant

Chris in the woods

Downhill competition, Mont Tremblant


Trials competition

Full set of way too many pics

BACAFest 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 8.45.09 PM

The Bay Area Circus Arts Festival (BACAFest) is back for 2014! October 3-5 at Alameda High, we’ll be running a MUni ride for beginners (and also one for advanced riders), playing uni basketball, and doing our always-popular party ride through the streets of Alameda. There will be workshops on unicycling and other circus skills, both at beginner-level and for experienced riders.

Don’t miss Saturday night’s “Art In Motion” performance, which is slated to have another great lineup of diverse talent.

We’ll hope to see you there!


Two of us (Jimbo and Tom) represented Berkeley at the UniNationals in Pittsburgh. There were interesting and challenging courses in the road and MUni categories, and both of us did well in the Old Guys age group and the events we competed in (Tom won Old Guy MUni Uphill). Jimbo put together a basketball team which won the national championship. Some folks who’ve been visitors here (like Scott Wilton and Tomas Nemecek) did really well in overall placements.

It was a fun event with a lot of time spent outside (which is always better, right?)


Track day

MUniCross race

Full set of pics

Selected good ones


Berkeleyans at UNICON

We’re all back from Italy now; we had a great time at this huge event (2000 riders!) and came back with a host of awards.  Among the Bay Area winners were:

  • Berkeley Revolution, basketball, bronze medal
  • Corbin, 10k unlimited, bronze medal
  • Corbin, marathon unlimited, bronze medal
  • Beau, MUni expert uphill, fifth place
  • Beau, MUni expert downhill, sixth place 
  • Ashley, MUni cross-country, first place, 30+ female
  • Ashley, MUni uphill, first place, 30+ female
  • Ashley, MUni obstacles, third place, 30+ female
  • Tom, MUni uphill, second place, 30+ male
  • Jimbo, World’s Sexiest Unicyclist, first place [I am not making this up]

There are too many photos and videos to post them all, but here are a few and a few links to get you started:

Beau in the finishing chute

Tom on XC course 4

Adam’s pictures

Nathan’s YouTube channel (basketball tourney videos)

Tom’s pictures


Berkeley Revolution exhibition game

The Berkeley Revolution is staging a free exhibition unicycle basketball game on Monday, July 16, at the West Campus building at 2100 Browning Street in Berkeley.  This is the last warm-up before their trip to Italy for the world championships at UNICON 16.  Come out and support the team!

Facebook event for those of you into that kind of thing.


Trying out San Pablo Park

Last weekend we tried out San Pablo Park for uni basketball practice. It has nicer backboards than Strawberry Creek, and new lights, so we’re going to try it for our regular Tuesday pickup game on June 26.  If it works out, we may move the game here permanently.  Come join us for an intense or casual game!  (We’ve been running concurrent games on Tuesdays lately).

Basketball time change

Lance suggested that we move the time of basketball up a bit, so we can play some in the daylight.  Makes sense; we’re going to plan to start practice at 7:30 for the summer.

This past weekend I got two MUni rides in, one on Mount Tam with Vidar (his first MUni ride since returning to Moab), and one in Joaquin Miller with Corbin and Josh.  Forgot the camera on Mount Tam, but both were fun.  Vidar did really well on Tam, riding long sections clean–Moab will advance your skills quickly.  Josh and Corbin both took plausible attempts at Two Dollar Hill, but neither got it this time.  You can look for one of those two to be the next (fifth) rider to clean it.

Corbin on Chaparral

Corbin on Chaparral

Josh trying Two Dollar Hill

Josh on the skinny