California MUni Weekend

A bunch of us went down to El Lay for California MUni Weekend, and the NorCal contingent really represented. Jamey had a bunch of $2 bill challenges on hill climbs, and I cleaned up, winning four of them, including one for going straight up Fargo Street (33% grade). Ashley was the only woman to make it up Fargo, and Ricardo and Josh also earned some Jeffersons on climbs.

We also did well in the glory awards, with Josh winning Best Biff for the weekend, and Ricardo winning in both the Best Cliffside Retrieval and Most Broken Unicycle categories (on the same incident, a 200′ drop down a loose hillside).

The riding was fun, especially Friday’s rockfest in Simi Valley. Weather was good for SoCal (would have been better if they had any trees), smog was about normal, and the group was a good size, peaking at 32 riders on Saturday.

Noli’s talking about hosting next year in Seattle. Should be fun!

Friday: Simi Valley, Hummingbird Trail

Friday: Simi Valley, Hummingbird Trail

Exposure in the woods

Day 2: Pasadena

Day 3: Aliso and Wood Canyon

Last ride in

We sneaked in one more training ride for California MUni Weekend; Dragon won Best Biff yet again (with another spectacular slide and roll), landed his biggest drop ever (about 3.5 feet) and we hit the trail end while it was lit up by the last rays of sunlight. Ready for El Lay!

Dragon going for an inadvisable chute

Sunset at trail's end


BACAFest 2014

BACAFest was fun, even though we got skunked out of playing basketball on Friday night (Alameda High, I’m looking at you: changing the rules 48 hours before the event is not cool). Corbin had probably the coolest act in the show (does a cyr wheel count as a unicycle?) and we had fun rides on Saturday and Sunday.

Corbin Dunn, LED rue cyr

Party ride

My First MUni Ride

My First MUni Ride

Dimond Canyon MUni



Sundays in the Park

There’s some “Sundays in the Park” concert series going on up at Joaquin Miller, so there were hundreds of cars parked near the main entrance. For us, Sundays in the park can start anywhere, so we went up top, hit Chaparral, and tried out Josh’s new brake setup on the chutes by the meadow (worked great). Dragon won Best Biff for the day (and maybe the year) with a spectacular flying faceplant. He also put in the current annual leader in the unicycle bowling category on the same hill. An impressive showing!

Dragon on Chaparral

Josh on Chaparral

Dragon flying

Josh in the woods



Caught up!

Just in time to take some more pictures, I’m finally caught up with the ones I’ve already taken. This batch was from Dimond Canyon last weekend, where Josh got the bright idea to take advantage of the drought to ride up the dry creek bed. Sausal Creek was heavily channelized and segmented back during the end of the WPA era, so there are lots of decaying concrete structures around. We had some cool challenges riding from one to the next through the loose rock gardens of the creek bed.

Dragon won Best Biff (as usual), and all of us wound up banging one part of our body or another on the obstacles, but it was fun to try out a different approach to the park, that we won’t be able to do once the rains start back in (assuming they do). We might ride it that way for the Sunday MUni ride at BACAFest.

Harrison on the log

Dimond MUni

Ricardo in the creek bed

Dragon on the cliffside

Josh leading the way

Back home

Finally getting back onto the local trails, we’ve hit a couple of rides recently. The first one in Joaquin Miller, with old stalwarts Chris and Ricardo, and newcomer Harrison, a freshman both at Cal and on the trails, out there on his 29er. Hard for even a newbie to beat Ricardo for Best Biff, though; he waited until the bonus trail to bust it out, but it was a good one, flying over a boulder he was trying to hop up on.

Good to be back!

Joaquin Miller MUni

Joaquin Miller MUni

Joaquin Miller MUni

UNICON recap

A little tardy, here’s a recap of some of the fun the locals had at UNICON 17 in Montreal:

  • Our two local world championships were Adam’s wins in the 3-point and free throw shooting contests.
  • The Berkeley Revolution was third after the first round of the tournament, but lost in the second round, finishing fifth overall. Two locals, Lance and Tristan, played for the SLO Ballerz team which finished third.
  • Nathan Hoover finished first in his age group in the marathon, and second in the 10K.
  • Tom finished second in his age group in the MUni uphill.
  • Ricardo won Best Biff in one of the Mont Tremblant mud puddles.

The results of the most critical competitions (disc golf and beer pong) aren’t listed on the UNICON web site; suffice it to say that fun was had by all.

See you in San Sebastian in 2016!

Uni basketball free throw shooting contest

Marathon race

MUni practice day at Mont Tremblant

Chris in the woods

Downhill competition, Mont Tremblant


Trials competition

Full set of way too many pics

BACAFest 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 8.45.09 PM

The Bay Area Circus Arts Festival (BACAFest) is back for 2014! October 3-5 at Alameda High, we’ll be running a MUni ride for beginners (and also one for advanced riders), playing uni basketball, and doing our always-popular party ride through the streets of Alameda. There will be workshops on unicycling and other circus skills, both at beginner-level and for experienced riders.

Don’t miss Saturday night’s “Art In Motion” performance, which is slated to have another great lineup of diverse talent.

We’ll hope to see you there!

Afternoon MUni

Corbin was in town to do Sundays on Telegraph, and invited us out on a MUni ride in the afternoon. We got a good group together, including a new Nathan (his first ride with us) and Yu (his first ride with us since his new baby). After hitting a couple obstacles on campus (literally hitting them, in Nathan’s case; he landed on his tailbone), we cranked up to the trails above the stadium. We went up a little higher than the overlook (I conquered my new Personal Everest, the segment leading up to the overlook), did some side options, and then had a lot of fun coming down through the groves. Yu and Nathan were the early leaders for Best Biff, but Geronimo outdid them by biffing impressively on an obstacle, going back up, and biffing impressively again. Corbin did some amazing chutes, and everybody pushed each other to try fun stuff.

In the cedar grove

Steep chute in the redwood grove

Corbin in the Chute of Death

The last chute

Full set of pics