Most of the Enchilada

Been slow on posting but not on riding. A group of us went on a quest to do The Whole Enchilada, an epic destination mountain bike ride in Moab, and spent the last couple months training up for it. Unfortunately a storm came in and closed Burro Pass, the highest part of the ride at over 11k feet, but we were able to start at Hazard County which gets to about 9200′. It was a perfect desert day, and we got to experience the eclipse while we were up on the mountain.

Despite the letdown of not getting to do Burro Pass, plus a number of flats along the way, it was an amazing day of riding in amazing country. And we’ll just have to be back next year, maybe a couple weeks earlier.

Hazard County
Annular eclipse on The Whole Enchilada

Bevan thinking about The Notch
The Whole Enchilada
Adrian on "I Heart MUni"
Hazard County