It had been forever since we’d been to Soquel Demo Forest. Adrian was in town and Nick is now living in Santa Cruz, so we put together a quick group to go hit the longest continuous downhill trail in the Bay Area.

That downhill on Braille Trail has an entry price, two slogging climbs on fire roads. I’ve been off the uni for a couple weeks now but apparently still have some residual endurance left, so Adrian and I cleaned the climb.

As usual, we played around a lot on the trail toys.

Nick on the teeter-totter
The log roll

Unfortunately Adrian broke his seat on one of the early drops.

Soquel Demo MUni

On Braille Trail, everything that’s not a toy is sweet downhill forest singletrack.
Soquel Demo MUni

And if it wasn’t for the huge slogs at the beginning and end, we’d be here all the time. Even so, a great day out on a beautiful day for MUni.

Adrian on the skinny
Adrian on the last log

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