Moab, Day 1

We’re back from Moab, where we had spectacular riding with a really fun group.  Seventeen riders in all.  The Berkeley contingent did great, with Ashley and Vidar both visibly improving their riding over the course of the weekend, and Stephen announced his entry into the ranks of elite MUni riders, going big on the technical challenges and showing amazing power on climbs.

I’m plowing through 400+ photos; here are a few from Friday on the Slickrock Trail.  The day started out chilly, but warmed up as we went along.  There was a pretty good breeze on the hilltops, which became a full-on wind on Swiss Cheese Ridge.  Overall the riding conditions were nice; we got a few droplets of rain just as we got back to the cars.

Max on Slickrock

Ashley on Slickrock, Swiss Cheese Ridge

Karl descending on Slickrock

Max and my rented unicycle

Slickrock panorama

Full set of pics (more to come)