Moab, Day 2

Day 2 we headed to the Brand trail system, out by the Bar M Chuckwagon that some of you may remember from the early days of the Moab MUniFest.  No one had ridden the trails before on uni, so we got to do some exploring.  There was some fun stuff, especially on Killer B; I personally liked the Rockin’ A trail, which was a long stretch of tricky slickrock without much altitude change.  It was pretty tiring to ride, though, so we skipped the Circle O trail which was probably going to be pretty similar.  Nice weather, with beautiful views of the area north of Arches, including seeing Balanced Rock peeking out over the ridge.

Ashley on Killer B

Eyal on Killer B

Carol and Vidar on Bar B

Dan on Rockin' A

Vidar on the ridge

Ashley on Rockin' A

Full set