Moab, Day 3, Porcupine Rim

On day 3 we went for the classic Porcupine Rim ride; shuttle up to 7500′, ride 14 or so miles down to the river at 4000′.  The remnants of a weather system were still around; when we got out of the vans we had a decent snowstorm going.  We split into two groups, one of which rode through the snow directly to the rim, and the other of which rode a little further up the road to ride a section of singletrack that probably hasn’t been ridden before on unicycle.  Both groups rode along the rim as the weather cleared, giving us spectacular views of the 2000′ drop into Castle Valley.  Everyone was riding really well, and even though it’s a long ride, everyone felt fine at the end.  (I’ve seen people coming off Porcupine Rim looking pretty ragged).

We even got in early enough to head out to Arches for the sunset; more photos from that later.

The first group hitting Lower Porcupine Singletrack in the snow

Ashley on Upper Porcupine Singletrack

Stephen on the cliff edge

Vidar descending into the canyon

Ashley in the tunnel

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