One more Kinetic post

I said I was done with Kinetic Sculpture posts, but we just got the final results, which confirmed what I suspected; Cyclops finished first in overall elapsed time, coming in just one minute faster than the race’s other eye-related sculpture, Private Eyes.  Private Eyes aced the course, however, which means they won the speed award.  Cyclops finished the three-day stage race in 9:13 (14:13 after 5-hour non-Ace penalty), while Private Eyes came in at 9:14.  For comparison, there were 10 sculptures with 35 hours of race time or more, and while #3 in speed was only a few minutes behind at 9:21, #4 was a good ways back at 11:23.

Cyclops also finished in the top 10 in pageantry, with 17 of a possible 25 points, thanks to the efforts of The Other Wheels.

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