Independence Day MUni

A group of us went to celebrate Independence Day (and a couple of looming birthdays) with a MUni ride in Berkeley.  We hit the steam trains first, which was fun; I haven’t been there in years.  Great ride; I tried a drop and a chute I’d never worked up the nerve to do before (I made the drop, biffed on the chute)

Full set of pics

Tilden Park steam trains

Beau going for it

Edit to add: Nathan also shot some nice video of the riding and a biff or two.  Great day out there!

2 Responses to “Independence Day MUni

  • Dear Unicyclyist,
    I need help! I just learned to unicycle one month back and I feel I am making very slow progress. I can ride for long distances but I still cannot bunny hop, idle and ride backwards. Please advise if my progress is slow and please tell me I can do it! I need you! You guys are the greatest people I have known!


    • It took me a month just to learn to ride, so your progress is fine. Idling is fairly difficult to learn; I would start with hopping, which is a simpler skill. It’s a little like a pogo stick, if you’ve hopped on one of those; think about flexing your ankles.

      Keep it up!