China Camp MUni, 2011-09-05

Another great day Laboring on the trails, this time over in China Camp (one of the state parks threatened with closure due to insane ideologues).  We didn’t get the magical light we had in Joaquin Miller last week, but we had a very pleasant day for a ride, warm with a light breeze.  Both of us were on 29ers and we did the loop fairly quickly, for us (not Ryan Atkins quickly).  I made the entire climb including the bonus trail, which I don’t think I’ve done before.  I won Best Biff for the second week in a row, this time with a lame-ass dismount on a switchback  where my wheel got caught in a trench.  We each had a cliffside retrieval, which also is good practice for California MUni Weekend, which includes a number of trails with exposure.

We were moving fast, so not many pictures.  It was dusty over there; my uni looks like I just got back from the playa, so I figure I got the most important part of the Burning Man experience.

China Camp MUni

Full set of pics


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