Wet MUni

Ashley and I had a beautiful training ride in China Camp; it was as wet as I’ve seen it over there (and I even did some impromptu trail work, clearing out a clogged culvert for one of the streams), but was a ton of fun as usual. We saw a bunch of wildlife, including at least half a dozen deer and a couple of turkeys.

As expected, the bike guys have called off their ride for Sunday morning because of rain. But we can still go if people are interested. It is likely to be wet, we might skip the stream crossing, but Dimond and Joaquin Miller both tend to be fine riding when wet.  Meet at my place at 9:30 if you want to ride; probably best to contact me beforehand if you are in.

BTCEB is still having a party at 1:00 PM at Brent’s house, 4111 Lyman, which we could crash after the ride.

Ashley in China Camp

Ashley in China Camp

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