Pacifica MUni

Corbin found some new trails for us in Pacifica, favorites of the local downhillers.  We went over there a couple weeks ago on a spectacular day and had a blast.  There was some fire road and doubletrack, but mostly it was a big uphill slog to get to the top, and then supremely fun, steep, technical rocky MUni.  It’s the closest stuff we have to what they ride in Santa Barbara (which makes sense, geographically).  Bevan took the biggest fall I’ve ever seen him take.

Time to shift into spring MUni mode: Arizona MUni Weekend February 17-20, followed by an impromptu Moab weekend March 29-April 1.

Josh in Pacifica


Josh going for it

The group on the ridge top

Corbin about to launch

Full set of pics

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