Tom’s Rob-ish Ride

I finally finished test riding and mapping out the primary loop for “Tom’s Rob-ish Ride,” a mixed road and dirt ride designed for big wheels, starting at my house. (Modeled after the famous Rob’s Ride in Santa Cruz).  It’s about the same distance as Rob’s Ride (20 miles), but has more climbing and descent, so it’s somewhat more challenging.  There’s a good amount of big-wheel-appropriate singletrack, with a couple of good uphill and downhill challenges.

It took me 2:15, riding solo, which means it’d probably take 4-5 hours to do the full route with a group.  There are shorter options, of course, although most of the fun dirt is right at the top.

I’ll be scheduling a group ride here at some point soon.  It’s a good workout, for sure.

I’ve got the route, with elevation profile (460m of climbing) up on MapMyRide.

Unicycle at the overlook


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