MUni with Michelle

We’ve ridden with Michelle in Santa Cruz countless times, but she’d never come up to ride on our trails…before this weekend, that is.  We had a classic Joaquin Miller ride, with Big Trees, Cinderella, Chaparral, the overlook, and no one making it up $2 Hill.  Michelle did some great riding, and won Best Biff with a full-body impact on the uphill challenge on Sunset Loop.  (I don’t know what it is about that climb, but I’ve biffed badly there and so have Ricardo and Kevin.)

Stefan also came up from the south bay for his first Joaquin Miller ride, and we rode with Jimbo for the first time in ages.

Another double-MUni weekend; gotta love it!

Michelle on Cinderella

Ashley finishing Chaparral

Michell on Chaparral

Sydney on the diving board

Full set of pics