Two sport day in Napa

We had a great two-sport day at Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa, with a bunch of sweet singletrack and some amazing rock gardens. The Best Biff competition was highly competitive, with Josh and Beau both contributing great entries, but Ricardo topped the list again with a full heels-over-head faceplant (with minor blood).

For future reference, the trails on the far side of the park are buffed singletrack, not a lot of technical stuff; for full-on MUni, stay near the park entrance and do multiple loops on Upper Skyline. Some of the other trails around there have promise as well.

The disc golf was really nice, almost no one on the course, quiet and beautiful conditions. Beau won, of course.

Video from Nathan:


Beau cresting the hill

Ricardo, about to win Best Biff

Disc golf at Napa Skyline Park

Full set of pics

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