Moab day 3

For Sunday we headed to the other side of town to ride the in the Amasa Back area. The locals have been hard at work on this trail system, adding two new trails over the past couple of years; Hymasa, a relatively smooth singletrack designed for climbing, and Captain Ahab, one-way downhill singletrack with some pretty serious rock stacks (but not the exposure of Death On Your Left/Jackson’s Trail).

By a navigational error (never follow Josh) we wound up going up Captain Ahab, which turned out to be pretty strenuous for both riders and walkers. Up top, we headed out to the overlook, and then I split off with a small group to ride out to Pothole Arch, which turned out to be a pretty fun diversion (but tiring).

We came down on Captain Ahab, where I took Best Biff (at least of the riding I saw) on one of the rock stacks. After making it back across the creek (a lot of water this year), and hitching a ride back to town, it was all over except the beer. Another great Moab festival!

Kris and Josh

Kris on the cliff edge

Kris on the cliff edge


Poochhole Arch

Full set of pics

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