Ready or not

The end of our training series has arrived; one last trip to Tamarancho, one last climb up Iron Springs, one last blast through the Boneyard, and one last race down Endor. Followed, unfortunately, by one more climb back over the last ridge, which is easy to forget to remember until you have to do it.
Everyone did well, better than when we were here last, and that’s all you can hope for in a training series. Ashley and I are off to Nepal this week (along with other locals Nathan, Corbin, Michelle, Chris, Stefan, and Willie), and while it’s not really possible to simulate climbing a pass at over 18,000 feet, we did as much as we could to get prepared.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the ride series, especially those who drove, hosted, or otherwise helped us make it the most fun, and the most work it could be.


Climbing Alchemist Trail

Endor (the flow trail)



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