Oaktown, baby

It was good to get back to Joaquin Miller; looking back at my photos, training for Unipal took us to other, longer rides, so we’d only been there once in 2015. (How is that possible?)

There are a good number of changes since we were last there. The staircase by the old burned-down building has been rebuilt, with a switchback trail paralleling it (might be a nice connector from the bottom of Cinderella). Upper Palos Colorados is in the process of being re-routed into switchbacks as well, a process that looks like it will take quite a while, but we rode some bits of it.

Chaparral hasn’t changed, still the most fun trail in the park. The rocky sections gotten even a bit harder.

We got some mist that made for nice shots. Welcome home, guys!

Dragon on the drop

MUnis in the mist


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