Pretending to train

In our final (and almost only) training ride for MUni Weekend, we headed out to Tamarancho for the full loop. That ride is always more tiring than you’d think it should be; it’s long, it’s all up and down, and it’s always a bit more technical than you remember it as. And, I suppose, now that we usually go down Endor, the big downhill is not technical but is pretty intense to ride.

Ricardo and I got some pretty good flow on some of the berms; still not 100% solid but we’re getting faster. Dragon won Best Biff falling off the side of the trail toys, but also got a point for getting up and over the fat log up there. We met a youngun on a bike who hung with us for an hour or so; we’re hoping he’s another unicyclist in the making.

On to Seattle!

Ricardo in the woods

Dragon on the drop