First-ever uni ride to Treasure Island

I can’t verify it, but I think it’s safe to assume that no one had ever ridden a unicycle to Treasure Island. The old Bay Bridge had no bike path, and while some intrepid cyclists¬†had ridden there on the road, I’m pretty sure they all had at least two wheels. The new East Span has a bike path, but until October it hadn’t been connected to the island.

Now it is, so, it had to be uni’ed. A group of four of us, plus a handful of bikes, made the trip over to Yerba Buena Island, rode down the road, did a lap of the island and hung out¬†at the marina, drinking wine and eating empanadas.

It’s a pretty mellow ride, and seeing the departing remnants of the old bridge was cool. And we got a bonus photo from a guy (John K) who was out shooting the bridge.

Treasure Island uni ride

Yerba Buena Island uni ride

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