First-ever uni ride to Treasure Island

I can’t verify it, but I think it’s safe to assume that no one had ever ridden a unicycle to Treasure Island. The old Bay Bridge had no bike path, and while some intrepid cyclists had ridden there on the road, I’m pretty sure they all had at least two wheels. The new East Span has a bike path, but until October it hadn’t been connected to the island.

Now it is, so, it had to be uni’ed. A group of four of us, plus a handful of bikes, made the trip over to Yerba Buena Island, rode down the road, did a lap of the island and hung out at the marina, drinking wine and eating empanadas.

It’s a pretty mellow ride, and seeing the departing remnants of the old bridge was cool. And we got a bonus photo from a guy (John K) who was out shooting the bridge.

Treasure Island uni ride

Yerba Buena Island uni ride

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