MUni with Ben

Ben Soja, one of the top MUni downhillers in the world, was visiting Santa Cruz for a conference, so Corbin called a ride. We wound up with a great crew, a dozen riders on a chilly but beautiful day. The ground was super-soft, but unfortunately for Ricardo and Chris, the wood wasn’t. Ricardo won Best Biff(*) trying to get over an off-kilter log stack (I’m sure his thigh is lighting up in all kinds of Christmas colors), and Chris won Best Injury by dislocating his finger on a goofy fall on the train tracks.

It was fun to watch Ben and Josh pushed each other to go big on the jumps, which I’d say they split. Ben was amazing on the steep downhills, which there are a lot of on Chupacabra.

(*) Yes, even with Dragon on the ride!)

Video from Nathan:

Pogonip MUni

Pogonip MUni

Pogonip MUni

Josh going airborne

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