China Camp on the Lunar New Year

I hadn’t planned it this way, but we were scheduled to ride in China Camp on the day of the Lunar New Year. It provided a good reminder that China Camp isn’t just a name; the place itself is one┬áresult of America’s long history of racial segregation and exclusion. We should not forget.

We had a group of five, including Victor visiting us from the southland, out on his third-ever MUni ride. He started out on a 36″, but swapped with Dragon’s 29er. Dragon had a lot of fun on his first big 36er ride, and of course won Best Biff somewhere in there. As a group we had a number of unicycle cliffside retrievals, but no big problems.

Beautiful weather, fun riding! Next week, back to Joaquin Miller for some more technical MUni.

Shoreline Trail

Shoreline Trail

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