Just say no to Crack

We were scheduled to go down to Soquel Demo, but there are no roads left in Santa Cruz, so we headed out to Pacifica instead. There are also a couple of slidesĀ on the Planet of the Apes road, but the main trails were accessible. But man, those things are badly built. In some places water running down the trail has created tire-width-wide channels, several inches deep. Crack had eroded out terribly and we were all slamming into walls. And then Boy Scout was a complete muddy mess.

I won Best Biff with an impressive face-plant that broke my helmet visor. Chris came in a close second with an awkward full-body slot wedge on Mile.

It was beautiful out there but I think it’s gonna be a while before we’re back in Pacifica. Anyone wanna head out there with a work team and a shovel?

High on Crack

Boy Scout


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