The latest newbie

We got to ride with Sarah this weekend, a newcomer to the Bay Area and a relative newcomer to MUni, although she’s a former national champion at urban (flatland) riding. We took her on one of our standard loops, hitting Big Trees, Chaparral, and heading down to the overlook, because, Oakland, baby.

Dragon won Best Biff on the serpentine hillside, though I put in a strong contender on the chutes down to the meadow. Sarah won in the Strange Dismount department, losing one of her shoes at the bottom of the serpentine.

We also did some scouting for locations for the East Bay JAM, and found a great place for flatland and learn-to-uni lessons. June 16, see you there!

Joaquin Miller MUni

Joaquin Miller MUni

Dragon on the serpentine