I’ve been doing a ton of riding, but it’s been over 6 months since I’ve been out on a proper MUni ride. Adrian was in town and suggested Rockville. Don’t have to ask me twice. It was beautiful out there, and while my MUnitude was about 2/10, I managed to make the line on the back side of Upper Tilly, which was good enough, considering. Adrian was rocking everything of course.

Adrian on Upper Tilly
Adrian on Upper Tilly
Upper lake looking nice
Adrian on Upper Tilly

More MUni upcoming! We’ll be crashing the BTCEB Gala Ride up at Joaquin Miller Park on Saturday June 29. Come join for a bit of glory, and free snacks and beer after the ride. Meet 8:30 at my place or 9:00 at the park.

And Adrian is organizing this year’s California MUni Weekend, up in his home town of Bishop (eastern Sierra). September 13-15. Looks awesome!

A mountain unicycle is propped on the edge of a cliff in a high desert landscape. In the foreground and background are many broken up sharp rocks.

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