Crashing the Gala

The monthly BTCEB Gala Ride was in our MUni stomping grounds, Joaquin Miller Park, so we took a crew up there to show the two-wheelers a thing or two.

As is often the case when we join a bike group ride, we didn’t wind up on the same trails as the bikes for most of the event; the physics are a lot different. But we had fun on the pump track, and played around for quite a while on Big Trees north, and also the hard part of Chaparral, which is all of Chappy, these days (the trail’s in really rough shape).

Ray claims to have won Best Biff with a human cliffside retrieval on Chappy (unwitnessed by others). He might have won it anyway with a header into a poison oak patch a little further up. In any case, he left it all on the trail, barely being able to lift a beer at the end.

Great day as usual!

Ray on Big Trees north
Ray on Big Trees
Josh in the chute
Ricardo in the chute
Josh in the chute
Josh in the chute

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