Even bigger!

We headed over to China Camp for a longer ride, and wound up with an even bigger group than last week; 10 unicycles (ranging from 24″ to geared 36″) and two bikes. Everything’s still dry and powdery, unlike our last visit which included major temporary stream crossings.

This was notably the first time that the entire Totally Doable team had ridden together since Ride The Lobster. Fittingly, Chris won Best Biff on a 36er off-trail tumble, and Mike finished in second with a good elbow plant and roll.

Next week, back to Joaquin Miller for some techy riding.

The climb

Josh trying out Lance's Oregon

Bonus trail

Chris bailing

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Underwater at China Camp

Never cancel a ride based on a weather forecast. It rained hard in the morning, but by the time we got over to China Camp the sun was out and we had a great time splashing through the trails (and doing a bit of trail maintenance to clear clogged drains). I won Best Biff twice, on nearly identical high gear, high speed crashes caused by hitting soft spots on the trail.

Ricardo and Ashley

Ray fording the stream

Ashley in China Camp

Ashley finishing up the ride

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Wet day in China Camp

Our final Moab training ride was redirected to China Camp from Mount Tam due to the threat of rain.  The threat turned out to be empty, but we had a great day riding in China Camp, with almost no one else in the park.  Never believe the weather forecast.

While it didn’t rain, it was very wet; they got a lot more rain in Marin yesterday than we did in Oakland.  The conditions were more challenging than usual, which is good for China Camp, which tends to be a bit on the tame side (if you’re not in high gear on a 29er, which I was for most of the day).

On to Moab!  See you back here in April.

Splashing through China Camp

Ashley in China Camp

Willy in China Camp

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