Underwater at China Camp

Never cancel a ride based on a weather forecast. It rained hard in the morning, but by the time we got over to China Camp the sun was out and we had a great time splashing through the trails (and doing a bit of trail maintenance to clear clogged drains). I won Best Biff twice, on nearly identical high gear, high speed crashes caused by hitting soft spots on the trail.

Ricardo and Ashley

Ray fording the stream

Ashley in China Camp

Ashley finishing up the ride

Full set of pics


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3 Responses to Underwater at China Camp

  1. jim says:

    Nice! Of my few regrets in life, included are the MUni rides I didn’t go on. I always enjoy it so much once I get out there. You’ll have to drag me on some more ride soon Tom 🙂

  2. ricardoquesada says:

    Nice photos!

    Here are the ones that I took:

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