Mud bath

We hit Joaquin Miller three days into the first real storm of the winter, and conditions were entirely flipped from last week; everything was soaked, and we lost traction not because of loose leaves but because of saturated soil. That was particularly fun in the chutes, which resulted in seriously muddy unicyclists.

The rain didn’t deter many folks, as we wound up with six riders and three hikers. Photos are predictably damp, as it rained the whole time we were there.

Next week: Road trip.

Playing in the chute

Climbing Big Trees

Climbing Big Trees

Kevin on Chaparral

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Keeping it rolling

More pleasant weather brought out another big crew for our Moab training series; 8 riders and 3.5 hikers this time. Despite focusing on technical bits, (and Dragon winning Best Biff again), we had no verified instances of blood on the trails. Josh rode the super-high tree that fell at the bottom of Big Trees. The air was cleaned out by the rain this week, but the park was still pretty dusty; we’ll need a couple of real storms to tamp down the soil up there. Hopefully that’ll happen this week, as we’ll be back in Joaquin Miller next Sunday for the next ride in the series.

Josh on the high skinny

My First Skinny

Mike on Chaparral

Scott on Chaparral

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Ricardo’s birthday ride

Catching up on photos and posts:

Ricardo invited us all to Joaquin Miller for his birthday party. It was a relatively mellow ride, with hikers along. Ricardo did clean Chaparral, including the diving board, before his 40th. Like I always say about my own riding, he’s trying to become better than he is before he’s not as good as he used to be.

Ricardo's birthday ride

Ricardo's birthday ride

Ricardo's birthday picnic

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MUni with Michelle

We’ve ridden with Michelle in Santa Cruz countless times, but she’d never come up to ride on our trails…before this weekend, that is.  We had a classic Joaquin Miller ride, with Big Trees, Cinderella, Chaparral, the overlook, and no one making it up $2 Hill.  Michelle did some great riding, and won Best Biff with a full-body impact on the uphill challenge on Sunset Loop.  (I don’t know what it is about that climb, but I’ve biffed badly there and so have Ricardo and Kevin.)

Stefan also came up from the south bay for his first Joaquin Miller ride, and we rode with Jimbo for the first time in ages.

Another double-MUni weekend; gotta love it!

Michelle on Cinderella

Ashley finishing Chaparral

Michell on Chaparral

Sydney on the diving board

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Dimond and Joaquin Miller MUni

Taking a break from super-technical rocky terrain, a group of us went to do the Dimond/Joaquin Miller MUni experience, which is a big slog from flatland Oakland up to the top of Joaquin Miller, with some great uphill challenges on the way, and then some moderately technical stuff and switchbacks on the downhill. Kevin and I were on 29ers, Ricardo on his 24″. We were well matched, so not a lot of photos as we kept it rolling most of the day.  It was tiring in a totally different way than Rockville and Pacifica.

Switchback in Dimond

Skinny in Dimond

Dimond and Joaquin Miller MUni

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Tom’s Rob-ish Ride

Six hours of MUni on Saturday wasn’t enough for some of us, so we decided to spend five hours doing Tom’s Rob-ish Ride on Sunday. Once again we had beautiful weather, once again Ricardo won Best Biff (on a truly painful-looking attempt to ride down Two Dollar Hill on a 36″ wheel), and once again much fun was had by all.  Grace came along as possibly the first recumbent ever to ride the trails in Joaquin Miller.


Nathan levitating

Geoff and Jimbo

Nathan climbing on Big Trees

Ashley on Trestle Glen

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Revised Tom’s Rob-ish

A group of seven came out for the revised Tom’s Rob-ish Ride. The new configuration is slightly longer, with slightly more climbing, and less traffic.  The dirt sections are a little easier.

We had a group of 7, including Nick on his brand-new Schlumpf 36, and Libert on his first-ever big wheel ride (ambitious!)  It was a spectacular day with sun sparkling over the bay. Last week’s dust on the trails had been tamped down by the rains, and we got to crunch through the fallen leaves at several points. Autumn is here. We finished up with a lap around Lake Merritt at sunset and moonrise. Thanks to Nick for inspiring us to get out!

Libert and Nick

Nathan and Jimbo

Nathan’s pictures

Tom’s pictures

Friday is the new Saturday

Ray and I had Friday off, so we headed up to Joaquin Miller for a MUni ride, his second. (My MUni ride count would be an interesting exercise to contemplate.  Three digits, certainly…maybe four?).

Ray was game, going for most of Cinderella, and he even lined up for the chute at the bottom before coming off sideways and bending a crank.  I think we have a new convert!

Ray on the bonus trail

Ray at the top of the Cinderella chute

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