Catching up

I’m behind on posting stuff from our rides; we’ve been doing plenty of stuff on these autumn weekends.

November 3: Joaquin Miller MUni

A real MUni ride in Joaquin Miller, this time without serious injuries.  A beautiful sunny day following a rain or two.

Joaquin Miller MUni

Josh on Cinderella

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November 4, China Camp big wheel ride

A gorgeous, still day over in San Rafael, surprisingly hot for November.  Featuring Ricardo’s personal record cliffside retrieval.

China Camp big wheel ride

Ricardo's personal record cliffside retrieval

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November 18, UCONN MUni

Bernard from France came to visit, and we took him for a two-sport day down in the South Bay.  It had been quite some time since we’d ridden Pogonip.  Michelle won Best Biff with an impressive tumble involving her leg getting caught between crank and wheel.

Pogonip MUni crew


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