Mount Diablo cross ride

Nathan suggested a Mount Diablo ride; it has been a while since we did a casual group ride out there (though Jimbo and Portland Geoff rode the Mount Diablo Challenge in October). I suggested taking the trails on the way down because, hey, dirt is better than pavement.

It turned out to be another gorgeous autumn day, with views to the Farallons and the Sierras. It was a bit windy up top (Yu was blown off his unicycle) but otherwise great riding conditions on the road. The trails were still a bit damp and we had a couple of short bits of slippery/sticky bay mud, but mostly they were in fine shape, nice and soft with lots of pine and leaf litter.

I didn’t see any biffs, but Ryan won Best Bonk after making it about three-quarters of the way up on his second-ever unicycle ride.

Stefan, Geoff, and Nathan descending with the Sierras in the background

Nathan, Yu and Stefan matching the leaves

Stefan and Yu

Yu and Stefan

Full set of pics