I want my two dollars!

Two Dollar Hill is scheduled to be closed on May 25th, as Sunset Trail is being re-routed to improve drainage and erosion. So Josh decided he needed to go up and become the fifth unicyclist ever to make it up. (The others: Beau, Stephen, Martin Charrier, and Jamey Mossengren, with Jess Reigel getting honorable mention for making it up the hard part and then falling later on). It took Josh just two tries, and he fully rolled it, which only Martin and Beau had done previously.

If you think you’ve got it in you, get up there in the next couple of weeks!

Other than that, we did a lot of playing on skinnies, did a slow race down Cinderella, and Kevin won Best Biff trying Ricardo’s Rock (though he has to try harder if he wants to compete with Ricardo).

One thing about the trail re-route on Sunset: It will improve the downhill leg of Tom’s Rob-ish Ride. Bringing a Coker down $2 Hill was a scary prospect, and the new alignment will be smooth singletrack with switchbacks. We’ll have to schedule a ride in June.

Kevin on the skinnies

Josh at the creek

Full set of pics

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