Annadel weekend

Scott generously offered us his place in Healdsburg to spend the night, so we celebrated the solstice by riding up in Annadel, followed by a dip in the river and a BBQ. Much fun was had! We had some mechanicals on Rough Go (pinch flats, naturally) and some poison oak encounters (none yet resulting in outbreaks, thankfully), but otherwise a great day, with six riders and 5.5 hikers (including Mira in her stroller). We found a fun obstacle, a tailings pile with a bunch of loose shale, that everyone eventually made. Best Biff was won by Mike on Rough Go, though Dragon of course submitted some entries, and even me and Geronimo contributed.

Great food at Scott’s, a beautiful evening of friends and wine, breakfast andĀ sunrise on the river. Life’s good!


Dragon on the tailings pile

Scott, Dragon and Geronimo

Chris pushing Mira

Geronimo and the park

Mike on Rough Go


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