Afternoon MUni

Corbin was in town to do Sundays on Telegraph, and invited us out on a MUni ride in the afternoon. We got a good group together, including a new Nathan (his first ride with us) and Yu (his first ride with us since his new baby). After hitting a couple obstacles on campus (literally hitting them, in Nathan’s case; he landed on his tailbone), we cranked up to the trails above the stadium. We went up a little higher than the overlook (I conquered my new Personal Everest, the segment leading up to the overlook), did some side options, and then had a lot of fun coming down through the groves. Yu and Nathan were the early leaders for Best Biff, but Geronimo outdid them by biffing impressively on an obstacle, going back up, and biffing impressively again. Corbin did some amazing chutes, and everybody pushed each other to try fun stuff.

In the cedar grove

Steep chute in the redwood grove

Corbin in the Chute of Death

The last chute

Full set of pics

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