Doubling up

We’re just a couple weeks from Moab, so it’s time to test our recovery abilities. After yesterday’s epic, we had a mellow ride in Joaquin Miller with some of the kids from our youth program, including Zeke on his awesome 16″ uni. A few hikers joined us, and we ran into Yu up there, and George missing a wheel.

Dragon not only won Best Biff for the second day in a row, he also beat yesterday’s record for unintentional swimming, this time finding a pool almost perfect for his height. The kids did great, even dropping in on the big chute by the meadow, with Tyree making it almost to the turn. Mack and Tyree both made it down a whole bunch of steep and techy stuff, and Yu got within 10 feet of making the whole chute (he’ll get it next time).

The chute

Sunset Loop

Bridge on Palos Colorados