City of Rocks

Rockville always lives up to its literal name. On a great day for MUni, we headed out to Fairfield and played on the manzanita trail, Rock Gardens twice, the Cave Trail (badly eroded), and a bit in the quarry with the little energy we had left. They’ve done some trimming of the manzanita on Upper Tilley (so it’s not nearly as manzanita-y as it used to be), but in general the lines were all pretty challenging. Campbell won Best Biff falling into the bushes on Cave Trail, I won Unicycle Bowling (with spectators!) on one of the bonus chutes off Rock Gardens, and Josh had an awesome three-jump line getting through a washed-out section on Cave Trail. The rocks were all a little pointier than usual, but the good thing about rocks is they don’t wash away, so most of the trails were still in great shape for riding. If you like rocks, which we do.

Campbell and oaks

Upper Tilley Trail

Josh in the quarry


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